Girls Gone South Part 2: Family Friendly Charleston, South Carolina

Family Friendly Charleston, South Carolina, Family Travel, Multi-generational travel, Girls Gone South, Pineapple Fountain, Charleston with Kids, Things to do in Charleston with kids

My mom, daughter and I visited Charleston for four days and we packed a lot into our multi-generational getaway. If you’re planning a trip to family friendly Charleston, read on to see my recommendations. As mentioned in Girls Gone South Part 1, we loved staying at the centrally located Embassy Suites Charleston hotel. Here is a recap from […]

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Girls Gone South: Spotlight on Embassy Suites Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina, Embassy Suites, Family Travel, Multi-generational travel, Charleston Visitor Center, Pineapple Fountain, Southern Travel

My mom and I like to go on vacations together and lately my daughter has been coming along too. Typically, I do all the planning and they are very happy to come along for the ride.  To celebrate my mom’s recent birthday, I decided to plan a family vacation in Charleston, South Carolina since I knew we would all […]

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Spotlight on London: Paddington Movie Review with Nicole Kidman

Paddington Movie, Review, Nicole Kidman, London, Movie Review

Do you remember loving the story about Paddington the bear who travels from Peru to London with a suitcase full of orange marmalade?  Me too.  I got to see the movie preview last week (oh and I met Nicole Kidman too!) and I just loved it.  Read on for my Paddington Movie Review. I’ve seen quite […]

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Top 5 Frozen Inspired Vacation Getaways

Frozen, Vacation, Anna and Elsa, Ice Hotel, Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Norway

Attention Frozen fans…Do you want to build a snowman on vacation AND sleep in an ice hotel?  Read on for my Top 5 Frozen Inspired Vacation Getaway suggestions and don’t worry there are plenty of fireplaces, hot tubs and saunas (as well as one non-ice hotel) so you’ll stay toasty warm… 1) Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Alta, Norway […]

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Hair Fairy: A Must Have Travel Accessory for Curly Haired Girls

Hair Fairy, Tangle Free Dreams, Curly Hair, Satin Pillow, Travel Accessory

There are few parenting tasks more challenging than brushing my daughter’s hair each morning.  Her long curly locks are beautiful but maintaining them requires a full arsenal of equipment including the newly discovered Hair Fairy satin pillowcase from Tangle Free Dreams. Here’s a look at the morning bed head madness I’m talking about pre Hair Fairy… Enter the […]

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Spotlight on NYC: Big Apple Circus Review

Big Apple Circus, NYC, Circus, Acrobats, Metamorposis

Going to the circus is a rite of passage for little kids. I finally got a chance to take my five-year old to her first circus (along with my sister) and I’m still not sure which one of us had the most fun.  Read on for my Big Apple Circus Review… The Big Apple Circus is a small, one […]

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: Best Holiday Toys

2014 Holiday Gift Guide, Best Holiday Toys, Toys for Little Kids, Magnatile, Creativity Can, Scooters

I featured my holiday gift guide for all the kids and parents on your list as well as family friendly gift ideas and today I’m back with some suggestions for the best holiday toys for kids of all ages! BABIES: How cute is Airplane Rattle by Estella? I love that its hand-crafted in Peru by local artists. The Cheerios Play […]

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Family Friendly Gift Ideas

Holiday Gifts, Aunts, Cousins, Grandparents, Nieces, Nephews, presents, jewelry, calendar, games, chocolate, blanket, old navy, globetrotting mommy

Last week I featured my holiday gift guide for all the kids and parents on your list and today I’m back with some fun family friendly gift ideas! Stay tuned for my picks for the best holiday toys. FOR THE REST OF THE FAMILY: For jewelry loving aunts, these tres chic Jet Set Candy luggage tag necklaces are sure to […]

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Wowza Wednesday Holiday Giveaway!

It’s Giveaway Time, and Suburban Wife, City Life, Globetrotting Mommy, MommaLew, and Tastefully Childish have teamed up with some favorite brands to bring a giveaway like no other. It’s so good we’re calling it the #WowzaGiveaway! What’s better is we’ve broken it down into 5 different prize packs so we’ll have lucky 5 winners! So scroll […]

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Toys that Travel: Crayola Virtual Design Pro Review and Giveaway

Crayola Virtual Design, Review, Giveaway, Toys, Creative, Fashion, Designer

If you’re looking for a fun toy that will happily keep your kids entertained at home and away this holiday season, read on to learn about Crayola Virtual Design Pro (and enter to win your own!). We’re big Crayola fans here (remember our trip to the Crayola Experience?) and my daughter loves to dress up so I […]

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