Globetrotting Mommy: Top 10 Ways a Broken Foot is Like Having a Baby

Those of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter know that I’ve been spending the last few weeks homebound with a broken foot. Since I like to run around a lot, I’ve pretty much had to give in to things that can be done on one foot which isn’t a whole lot in New York City!  I’ve spent a lot of time on the sofa elevating my foot, I caught up on some books, started Orange is the New Black and I’ve hired a ton of babysitters to cart G around to all her activities.

With all this time to think, I’ve come to the conclusion that recovering from a broken foot is super similar to those first few weeks as a new mom!

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Globetrotting Mommy: Top 10 Ways Breaking Your Foot is Like Having a Baby

Since globetrotting is off limits for me now, today I’m sharing the top 10 ways breaking your foot is like having a baby.

1) Having to pee in a cup before foot surgery (think one foot, two crutches, two hands) is equally…if not more…challenging than peeing in a cup with a 9-month baby belly.

2) You’ll vomit from all the pain pills and anesthesia.  Gross but true…

3) Getting a good night’s sleep is not so easy with a broken foot in a big hard cast or gigantic belly but you’ll be so tired it will happen.

4) Everyone will tell you the time will go fast.  They’re lying.  You’ll be counting down every single day…

5) Your freedom is ripped away from you.  Like to do what you want to do when you want to do it?  That’s over for now. You can’t just run out the door like you used to, it now takes a whole lot of prepping to get out the door.

6)  Taking a shower feels like a MAJOR accomplishment.

7) You’ll build new upper body strength from pushing that stroller and using those crutches but you’ll also be sore in new spots you never knew existed.

8) People will make you tell the same story over and over again.  Birth story or broken foot story…it gets old, fast.

9) You’ll be forced to dress frumpy until your body returns to normal.  Say goodbye to skinny jeans and stilettos and hello to capri sweats and sneakers.

10) The world wide web will quickly become your best friend especially Amazon, Seamless, Netflix, Babble and

The best way to survive those torturous first weeks of shock and recovery is to take them one day at a time.  Your friends and family will offer up help so definitely take them up on it while you count down the days till you’re wearing sandals or getting a good night’s sleep…14 more to go for me…

Have a great weekend!



  1. I have sufferd both and you are absolutely right but the best part about being pregnant is that after you have beautiful bundle of joy. Try to enjoy your down time, you will be better soon and bakc to trotting the globe.


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